The People

The TGMI brought together experts in the fields of genomics, medicine, technology development and computation from the UK and USA, to facilitate the development of standardised methods and strategies necessary for the successful implementation of genetic medicine into the healthcare system.

Ewan Birney, EMBL-EBI

Graeme Black, University of Manchester

Elspeth Bruford, EMBL-EBI

Patrick Chinnery, University of Cambridge

Fiona Cunningham, EMBL-EBI

Sian Ellard, University of Exeter

Helen Firth, Cambridge University Hospitals/Wellcome Sanger Institute

David Fitzpatrick, University of Edinburgh

Matt Hurles, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Heidi Rehm, Broad Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

James Ware, Imperial College London

Caroline Wright, University of Exeter