A year in #TGMIFriday posts

#TGMIFriday in 2017As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back on the past year of #TGMIFriday posts. Every Friday, we post about genetic medicine, and about the aims, plans and outputs of the TGMI. We started in June 2016, so 2017 was our first full calendar year.


Who reads #TGMIFriday posts?

This year, nearly 8000 people from 128 countries visited the TGMI site. Most of our website visitors came from the UK or US. A lot of people visit the #TGMIFriday posts after clicking a link on Twitter, but we also see traffic from Google or via email. Thanks to Twitter and our mailing list, we have a lot of regular visitors: More than a third of the views of our site are from people who have visited more than once.


Most-viewed posts of 2017

Our most popular posts this year have all been ones that talk about some of the basic issues that the TGMI is trying to address. These were the five most-viewed posts of 2017.

  1. Changing direction in genetic testing
  2. The clinical impact of DNA sequence changes
  3. How many rare diseases are genetic?
  4. Stabilising gene symbols
  5. VUS – Very Unhelpful Statement

Those were only five of the fifty posts we’ve published this year. We’ve had many other discussions about genetic medicine, and a regular series of interviews with the TGMI team. If you’ve missed some of our #TGMIFriday posts this past year, you can catch up with the archives here.


Let’s hear your thoughts

A lot of the topics we’ve discussed over the past year were the result of conversations we had while discussing the work of the TGMI or the existing #TGMIFriday posts. So if you have a question about anything we do or write about, please let us know, and it might inspire the topic of a 2018 #TGMIFriday post!


Enjoy the holidays!