Dip into the #TGMIFriday archive this summer

TGMIFriday dip in the archivesIt’s been just over two years since we launched the TGMI website and blog. In that time, we’ve written and published over a hundred #TGMIFriday blog posts. If you haven’t read them all, don’t worry. We’re giving you some time to catch up this summer with a dip in the #TGMIFriday archive.


Summer break

This summer we will highlight some of the most interesting posts from the past two years on Twitter and on the weekly mailing list. If you recently joined the list or started following us in the last few months, this will be a great introduction to some of our earlier content. Often these are posts and concepts that we refer to regularly. We will be back with original content on September 14th.

To get you started, here are a few posts that were popular in the first half of 2018.


Stay in touch

Keep an eye on Twitter and our mailing list this summer for other posts from the archive, or look through our Flipboard magazine.

While we’re taking a short blog break, we are still working on all ongoing TGMI projects. That means you can still submit your genetic medicine research articles for publication in the TGMI Gateway on Wellcome Open Research, or contact us about anything related to the TGMI.

Enjoy your summer and see you September 14th!