#TGMIFriday @ 6 months

Six months ago we introduced the TGMI in our first #TGMIFriday genetic medicine blog.

In setting up thetgmi.org website and launching the #TGMIFriday blog series we had two aspirations. Firstly, we wanted to use them to communicate the vision and work of the TGMI. Secondly, we wanted to use them to foster broad interactions and engagement on genetic medicine.

Both are essential in our efforts to build and implement the innovative, practical solutions needed to deliver the huge benefits in genetic medicine that fast, affordable DNA sequencing has made possible.

So how is it going?


Over 3500 thetgmi.org site visits

We have had 2257 unique visitors from 85 different countries

We are delighted at the engagement TGMI has had in the last six months. To date we have had 2257 unique visitors, from 85 different countries. Together they have visited the site a total of 3751 times. This suggests that people are both finding the website and finding it interesting enough to make repeat visits.


#TGMIFriday blogs are driving engagement

Our weekly genetic medicine blog is a major reason for the good growth in engagement. Most people find the blog posts through twitter, partly through tweets from the @thetgmi account and partly through tweets from the individual TGMI team members active on twitter (@rahman_nazneen, @ewanbirney and @EllardSian).

We are now getting >150 page views per blog when they are first posted, and many of the blogs continue to get good attention after that, particularly when we retweet them.


#TGMIFriday blogs address diverse topics

We don’t have an overly prescriptive format for the blog. Posts have to be related to genetic medicine, but they can, and do, tackle diverse topics. We always write a blog to announce and explain TGMI outputs such as OpEx, our clinical exome analysis tool, and DECoN, our exon CNV detection tool. Several posts have tackled the bottlenecks, barriers and various uncertainties in genetic medicine today, whilst others have highlighted promising areas for genetic medicine in the future, such as the power of the patient and gene therapies. For one week each month, we have used the blog to introduce one of the TGMI team. This has been an illuminating series for us; we have found out several new, unexpected, things about our colleagues!


In 2017 we will increasingly be using the #TGMIFriday weekly post to communicate about new TGMI outputs.

Stimulating engagement on genetic medicine

The website and blogs have had a dramatic impact on engagement, leading to many people contacting us for varied reasons. In turn, this has led to new collaborations, optimisation of our approaches and priorities, and a better understanding of the needs in genetic medicine. This was exactly what we had hoped for and the response has greatly outstripped our expectations for the first 6 months.


Never miss a #TGMIFriday post!

Going forward we will increasingly be using the #TGMIFriday weekly post to communicate about new TGMI outputs. We will also continue to highlight and opine on the important and topical issues in genetic medicine.

Please feel free to suggest topics. And sign up below to ensure you never miss a #TGMIFriday post!.


Most importantly, enjoy the festive season.
Merry Christmas from TGMI