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Shawn Yost talks about his role on the TGMI team, and the importance of standardising transcripts and annotations.

The TGMI Team – Shawn Yost

information sharing
Sharing genetic information is essential for the success of genetic medicine. But the ultimate goal is sharing meaning.

Sharing genetic information

Marton Munz
In this interview, Márton Münz talks about the importance of data science for genetic medicine, and shares how a big life event brought him from physics to genetics.

The TGMI Team – Márton Münz

Variant profiling in practice is improving variant interpretation. Here, it helps distinguish likely benign variants from variants of uncertain significance.

Variant profiling in practice

TGMIFriday summer favourites
Catch up with some #TGMIFriday popular blog posts discussing the challenges and opportunities in genetic medicine today.

#TGMIFriday favourites

Standardisation of processes and education of end users are key to making genetic medicine work, as TGMI team member Shazia Mahamdallie explains in this interview.

The TGMI Team – Shazia Mahamdallie

Caroline Wright
Caroline Wright is Senior Lecturer in Genomics at the University of Exeter. In this interview, she talks about what still needs to be done to make genetic medicine work.

The TGMI Team – Caroline Wright

software validation
Software validation of medical genetics tests that the software fulfils the needs of its users. It requires a source of proven true data to use as benchmark.

Medical software validation

The TGMI connects with many people and organisations to form a broad community. In this post we look at what kind of community the TGMI is, and in which way you are a part of it.

The TGMI community

scientific publishing road blocks
Simple processes that allow rapid publication of useful research outputs are essential for genetic medicine to work. Read about a new publishing platform making this happen.

Scientific publishing in genetic medicine

software verification
Medical software has to be accurate and reliable. How is this achieved? Verification is a key step, find out why in today's post

Medical software verification

Graeme Black
Graeme Black is Professor of Genetics and Ophthalmology at the University of Manchester. In this interview he talks about his reasons for joining the TGMI, and his views on the future of genetic medicine.

The TGMI Team – Graeme Black